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Okay, these are not my style at ALL, but can anyone bond with me over how these might be great…?


I’m Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With High Heels

I’m Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With High Heels

Here’s a confession for you: I often shop in the sleepwear/pajama department for clothes I fully intend to wear outside the house. With heels. Without shame.

I'm Wearing: Literal Pajamas

Especially in Target’s sleepwear department, which is where I picked up the “tunic top” (ahem, nightgown) I’m wearing here. I’m definitely not sorry. Who in their right mind wouldn’tshop in the department that contains the most garments…

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Daily Deal: MIA Strut Wedges in Silver & Tan

Daily Deal: MIA Strut Wedges in Silver & Tan

A while ago, I had a momentary obsession with the combination of silver & tan leather on shoes. It’s since subsided, but seeing these faux leather and wicker wedges in 6pm’s clearance section may have revved it up again.

Daily Deal: MIA Silver Tan Strut Wedge

Double buckles, and a detailed but neutral wicker wedge? Yes, please. The platform adds 2″ to the toe, so these heels feel more like a 3″ wedge and lesslike a 5.25″ wedge. Which…

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Monday Wedgie: Nine West Maureen Wedge

Continuing the Green Period of my life, I have now added a desirable pair of green, strappy wedges…

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Monday Wedgie: Zigi Soho Junelee Wedge Booties

This season has been the season of the heeled boots. I have acquired two pairs, and have been…

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My new favorite shoes that I got way too late in the summertime. :’( I will miss u

Monday Wedgie: A Capella Attitude Wedges

This is kind of a sad post.

Why? Because these shoes admittedly do not come in my size. My size is…

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New cutes to break in! @duoboots #shoes #wedges #mine

Monday Wedgie: Leather “Jury” Wedge by @shopdolcevita

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My two ShoeDazzle obsessions of the day… Black & brown wedge sneakers, and the most perfect, natural-materials-y wedge sandals I’ve maybe ever seen. Plus, I’d be like 5’11” in those puppies. Hell yeah!

Hello my future girlfriend. :|
Check out the Ronata wedges on ShoeDazzle & take le quiz~!

Monday Wedgie: Palermo Wedges

I know I’m late, okay, don’t rub it in.

I’m not weekday-ly-challenged, there was just… I was just…I…

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