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ADD: Floral Newsprint Skater Skirt

ADD: Floral Newsprint Skater Skirt

Despite the fact that I rarely wear bright colors, much less together, I always have a soft spot for pastels when they’re used in really graphically interesting applications. Take, for example, this multi-colored skater skirt from Choies:

Almost Daily Deal: Choies Floral Newsprint Skater SkirtPart wallpaper, part rug, part old couch. Sounds enchanting.

But really… It has a very cool effect, don’t you think? It’s obviously floral, but it looks as…

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ADD: Tinley Road Pleated Shift Dress

ADD: Tinley Road Pleated Shift Dress

Attention: ladies who want to put as little on their bodies in the summertime as possible. (You know who you are, and there’s no shame in your game.)

I have many girlfriends who would happily spend the summer in a shapeless maxi dress and flip flops, or a pair of silk shorts and a tank top. I respect these women. I respect them because they know summer is a luxury, and the biggest luxury of all…

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Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblocked Top

Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblocked Top

Color trends can be hard to spot, unless you’re sitting downtown with a clipboard recording everyone’s color combinations, or meticulously logging Pose photos from bloggers and selfie-takers. But occasionally one sticks out like a sore thumb among seemingly “old news” combos, and this spring, navy and beige/nude has definitely been that thumb.

Daily Deal: Arden B. Colorblock Top

It’s sophisticated because navy, but the nudelight…

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I just found out that I, at the ripe old age of 27, will be returning to school. (I think it has everything to do with the budget backpacks that aren’t ugly post, don’t you? Good mojo, there.)

So, in the interest of me getting into the program I am applying for, I am going to continue writing about the most preppy of the scholastic academia-wear until all of my degree-related dreams come true, nothing hurts and everything is easy.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “scholastic wardrobe?” Pleats, obviously. Pleated skirts are never going to be not-adorable, so I harbor no guilt for planning a collection of them. Boyfriend, if you’re reading this, just stop - they’re for me, not for you.

1. Jones New York Pleated Color-block Skirt, $29.70; 2. Topshop Foil Flower Pleat Cami, $50; 3. Modcloth Double Tap Skirt, $44.99; 4. Modcloth Fashionable Fan Dress, $49.99; 5. Jovonnista Sheer Shirt, $47.68; 6. BCBGeneration Cheetah Pleat Shorts, $39.19.

Talking with my friend Zoë this morning, I realized that pleats, in some cases, may be a bad idea for me. We share a fairly aggressive case of Chronic Bitchface, so adding pleats to that may create a bit of an intense vibe. But for me, I put my hair up and add glasses, and instantly whatever I’m wearing is “hipster-y.

Eh. What can you do? Long live Hipster Bitchface.