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(A)DD: Mossimo Chiffon Baseball Sleeve Dress

(A)DD: Mossimo Chiffon Baseball Sleeve Dress

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem Dress

This dress falls right smack between casual and semi-formal. The chiffon at the sleeves (in a conveniently-flattering raglan style) and the hemline make this err on the side of fancy, which is a nice contrast with the super-chill baseball sleeve.

It looks fabulous on the hanger, I must admit, and it looks adorable on a body, too – but it’s just begging for you to accessorize it.

Daily Deal: Merona Chiffon Sleeve and Hem DressWhether it’s an…

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This extra-wild version of a neat & tidy pattern is exactly what my closet needs to wake up a little! Once autumn hits, all memories of cut-offs and sandals will be gone, and I’ll have to start a daily argument with myself about whether or not I should bring myumbrella or not. This jacket will not only eliminate that argument, right off the bat, but it’ll also bring back a little life into the dreary days.

> Mossimo Hooded Rain Anorak: $34.99