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Sometimes I feel like I should write an article about the difference between “retouching a photo of a person” and “using photoshop.” One is an issue, the other is just an action. I’m seeing a lot of people jump all over publications & bloggers because they’re “definitely using photoshop on their photos.” UM, YEAH. They damn well should! If they’re trying to compete in an industry that demands that their ability to take photos of themselves and publish them be REALLY GOOD - they should absolutely be using photoshop, are you kidding me?

You can’t demonize magazines, bloggers, advertisers are simply using a filter, stylizing and enhancing a photograph for public consumption… But you’re more than welcome to demonize the people who create 18” waistlines on a 5’10” woman and explode her facial features to create a more “sexually appealing” human. You just have to know the difference. An Instagram filter isn’t “retouching a photo.” 

/rant started by this article

Eskimo Boots from Belle by Sigerson MorrisonFantastic, or terrifying?

(I kiiinda love them…]

Man Repeller seems to be giving away a pair of these bad boys! Check the link below:

The Man Repeller: Have an Eskimoment, On The House