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Today, I got to do one of my most fun reviews ever: Bombsheller leggings! 

It was an awesome review because these leggings are seriously badass.

They’re ethical: made in the USA via low-waste production (one-off leggings made to order - no overstock), and feature designs from independent artists that get to set their own royalties.

They’re functional: a four-way stretch allows these to be a second skin. They are made from an Italian fabric called “Fabric Fatale,” which is breathable and provide a wide range of motion… Do you see what I’m getting at? These work as fashion leggings, yoga pants, gym class pants, and hiking pants. 

They’re gorgeous: the print I chose is called “Deer Damask" and was designed by Emily Smith. The fabric doesn’t have that terrible sheen that some leggings have, so the muted purple tone and the faded gold look just as they’re supposed to, which is a little antique, but packing a punch. The damask is made from deer heads, deer antlers and floral shapes. Inside the waistband, the artist’s name and the corresponding hashtag ("#deerdamask") are printed.

These leggings are just a product of Bombsheller’s ultimate offering: custom leggings designed by you.

Check out my full review & more pics on the main site, Broke & Beautiful!

Big thanks to clearyofarrellphotography for the photos! 

Bombsheller Leggings Review: Deer Damask

Bombsheller Leggings Review: #DeerDamask @bombsheller

Bombsheller Leggings Review

Leggings have no season. They are pretty much appropriate 100% of the time, and thank goodness for that because I live in them. Several years ago, I was a “leggings aren’t pants” person, and felt as strongly about it as I did about Crocs. (And that is as far as you should ever go into the B&B archives. Woof.)

Something clicked over the last four years… I started caring less about…

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from my little anxiety-conquering shoot yesterday with clearyofarrellphotography :3

I’m Wearing: Something Called “Satin Jean Leggings”…?

#ootd I’m Wearing: Something Called “Satin Jean Leggings”…? via @Zappos #nextootd

My quest for comfortable-yet-flashy gear has reached a new milestone in its development, and that milestone’s name is satin jean leggings.

Yes, both jeans and leggings – but not jeggings. No, no… not jeggings at all.

I'm Wearing: Hue's Satin Jean Leggings

They’re a strange mix between wet-look leggings and jeggings. The only “jeans” thing about them is the fact that they have back pockets. They are as stretchy as any other pair of…

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I’m Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With High Heels

I’m Wearing: Literally, Pajamas With High Heels

Here’s a confession for you: I often shop in the sleepwear/pajama department for clothes I fully intend to wear outside the house. With heels. Without shame.

I'm Wearing: Literal Pajamas

Especially in Target’s sleepwear department, which is where I picked up the “tunic top” (ahem, nightgown) I’m wearing here. I’m definitely not sorry. Who in their right mind wouldn’tshop in the department that contains the most garments…

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outfit from the other day - plus favorite leggings

Review: Target’s Xhilaration Jeggings (Really Just Leggings)

Review: Target’s Xhilaration Jeggings (Really Just Leggings)


Like most women I’m friends with (and some men, let’s be real), I am constantly on the search for the perfect leggings. Many have given up their search, concluding that perfect leggings simply don’t exist. Such a loss of hope has to be devastating, which is why I’m so pleased to tell you - I think I’ve found the perfect leggings.

Well, sort of.

I think that a good legging collection includes…

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Levi’s 535 Jeggings: An Affordable Denim Rainbow

Levi’s 535 Jeggings: An Affordable Denim Rainbow

Not all Daily Deals are created equal – I have strict criteria that indicate that everything featured be below 25% off, and 9 out of 10 times, it’s also on sale. I am tyrannical about savings.

Sometimes, though, it comes back to bite me. For instance, when a pair of highly-reputable jeans come across my view, and they’re just abovethe price range for a Daily Deal despite being on sale, but…

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I’m wearing tights around my house all day today in hopes that, by the end, I like them. Which I currently don’t.

Apparently, I have a predisposed aversion to black tights because my “collection” includes two pairs of brown, one red, one white, one grey (currently wearing) and two pairs of not-public-appropriate thigh-highs in stripe and fishnet. Do I hate myself?

So far, I can say that tights are just more-annoying-to-put-on leggings. I am a fan of leggings, so this holds promise.

Plus, I’ve eaten like 150 cupcakes in the last 48 hours and control top feels like a big, constant hug.

Shopping Challenge: Supima Cotton & Modal Leggings

Earlier today, I made a mistake choice to get challenged: I offered to be a personal shopper.

Yeah, I retweet myself - no shame.

What can I say? I love shopping, and more than that - I love shopping for other people. Ask Jen! We go out and I completely forget that I’m wearing clothes at all and would perhaps enjoy to own some more… Instead I wander the aisle screaming “JEN! THIS? YES? NO? YES? YES! OK.” And friends, I want to scream across the proverbial store at you, too. Pretty soon after posting, I had the darling Jaime of Denim Debutante (and mastermind behind Debutante Media) clarifying my terms. What a profesh. Eventually, I had my task:

Done and done.

Supima/Pima Cotton & Modal Leggings Under $50

Alejandra Sky Rhoda Leggings: $22.50

These are 94% modal and 6% spandex - the most modal-y leggings you’re going to find under $50 (these are 50% off, too)! They’re available in a basic black, or basic grey.

fig leaves Thermal Silk Blend Ribbed Leggings: $36

That’s a long product name, but I like the words in it! These are 86% micromodal, 10% silk, and 4% Lycra. I’m big fan of high-waist leggings like these - so much more comfortable, and so much less adjusting. These also come in ivory.

ASOS Wet Look Front Ponti Leggings: $44.76

If you want something a little more intense - check these! Faux leather on the front, 49% modal, 49% cotton, and 2% elastane on the back. Look at you in your edgypants.

But if you ask me, the best option is…

Alternative Apparel Skinny Legging: $34

These are your best pick, Jaime! Not only are they made by awesome, ethical fashion company, Alternative Apparel - but they’re comprised of 47% modal, 47% pima cotton and 6% spandex. They are available in brown or light-ish grey (concrete).

Hope that satiated your luxurious legging needs, Miss Jaime!

For the rest of you, a question:

What can I help you find? (Let me shop for you!)

@DenimDebutante snagged the first post!

I’m on the hunt for modal/pima/supima cotton leggings for under $50 - wish me luck, and stay tuned for a post! 

Oh, and I’m so ready for more requests! If you would like me to post about something you’re searching for with a bunch of less-than-$50 options - let me know! I’m on it.