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So, we got into Pinterest like way after everyone knew how cool it was. Now that we’re there, we’re trying to get ultra excited about all of the cool stuff, but everyone’s so passe about it that we only have one outlet to wax on and on about how cool we think Pinterest is and that’s you guys. So, sorry in adv… wait, it’s too late. Damn.

These are the boards we have so far:

Are any of you on the Pinterest train? I’d love to hook up and ~trade pinz~! (No, that’s not “a thing” but we could totally make it “a thing” and then it could be “our thing” - awww…)

Follow us on Pinterest - we’re “BrokeBeautiful” - we’ll follow ya back! 

Whenever I’m not sure how to wear something, I either tap it into Google’s megabrain, or head straight to, where 9 out of 10 times, I will get the answers, satisfaction, and eye candy I need to get me through the day.

I’m interested in neon, but not sure if it’s something that fits into my ~style. I love how these girls wore it, though!

Chiara F.


Juliett K.

Aneta M.

Alessandra (14 years old!)

Have you tried the neon trend?


I’m currently obsessed with playful bouffants and over-the-top beehives! Can you see the inspiration in our current vintage-inspired stylebook, Girl Meets Glam? (via souvenirs: hairspray)

-Annie, Creative Stylist

Ditto that for me, Ms. Annie. I am beyond in love with big hair! 


Gwyneth Paltrow

Puppies are the best accessory sometimes.

Everything good is happening in this photo.

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