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If You Love: Vivienne Westwood’s Pirate Boot…

Ahhh, the Vivienne West Pirate Boot.

This is the object of affection for many a boot-loving, stylish gal. (This gal, included.) But ringing in at $400-$980 - not possible.

Because of the style’s popularity, however, other designers took notes from the creative genius behind the Westwood brand, and learned that buckles are great and they should use them always. Their delicious slouch, their relaxed hardware… It’s everything you’d want in an everyday shoe. So, if you love the Vivienne West Pirate Boot, you can still get the feel of the classic - but these will be quite a bit easier on your bank account.

Nine West Cornflower: $76.99

Nine West Fango: $69.90

Big Buddha Casi: $64.99

Type Z Roland: $70.99


One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

LOVE these! 

These are really, really attractive to me for some reason. Not really my style, but I LOVE the shape! 

(via The Saffi Boot in Black)


Shoe Porn: Boots By Alloy

This season, I am boot-obsessed. Even my sneakers are boots. (Oh no, you’re not seeing them. Not yet. Not until I wear them, gloriously, on Christmas day.) But boots are expensive - even the faux leather, faux fur kind. There are a very great online shoe shopping sites, including DSW and 6pm, but they can get kind of overwhelming. So many shoes, so many of them horrible, so much to sift through.

For me, is concentrated shoe-spiration. I always have at least one pair of their shoes on my wish list, including…

Torry Boot: $49.90

I keep seeing boots like this, pretty much everywhere I go, and for good reason. They’re so, so good. So good.

Here’s another pair. You know, in case you like black more. These are $20 more, but still under $75 for a pair of furry booties by a well-known brand.

This is what I’m talking about: four-star knee-high riding boots for under $50. The reviews say they are “expensive-looking.”

They’re like hiking boots, but not really. I like the teeny tiny wedges, which add just a little femininity.

I love the zipper in the back.

Marley Boot: $54.90

Warning: these heels are high and the material is not as epic as some of the other boots posted here.

Have you shopped for shoes at


Loved these! They were Steve Madden but I can’t find any on the site. 

Oh my goodness. These are precious[ly horrendous].



I’m thoroughly addicted to MIA shoes… I have three pairs now! They are affordable, adorable and readily available! They stay away from knockoffs, and seems to do just fine coming up with their own, on-trend styles. 

This wedge boot, Ursula, is giving me heart palpitations. The tread is so 90s, but the rest is totally updated! Even better? This baby is under $100. Swoon. 

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      • Ursula, is giving me heart palpitations. The tread is so 90s, but the rest is totally updated! Even better? This baby is under $100. Swoon. 

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I’m in love.

Can you believe these are Unionbay? I’ve never heard of them making shoes, but considering these are under $40, I’m prepared to get used to the idea. 

Eskimo Boots from Belle by Sigerson MorrisonFantastic, or terrifying?

(I kiiinda love them…]

Man Repeller seems to be giving away a pair of these bad boys! Check the link below:

The Man Repeller: Have an Eskimoment, On The House

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