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NEW ON THE BLOG: the wonderful work of @kommienezuspadt and I✨. See the complete line-up of amazing photos we have shot thus far along with the details of my outfits by visiting www.vintagevandalizm.comπŸ’›

For real, you guys! I don’t promote a lot of fashion blogs because I am pretty fucking bitter about the whole shebang, truth be told, but Vintage Vandalizm kinda falls into a Β ”model blog” at this point, and her style is A+++ good to ogle eye candy.Β 


Yeah, had to buy this skirt at @buffaloexchange lol. Even if it shows off my food babyπŸ”πŸŸπŸ—πŸ–πŸπŸ›

everybody loves buffalo exchange and also that shirt and your hair and dat bod


MARA’S STYLE:Β I’d describe my style as feminine, classic with a playful twist. My friends would say it’s the same, and they’d add that I love finding a good deal!Β 
INSPIRATION: Living in California inspires me. It helps me think how I can make high fashion more casual and street-friendly. I live in an area where there are a lot of tourists so I find myself being inspired by their hometowns as well.
WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU THINK OF β€œPLAYFUL FASHION?”: Β I think of bright colors, bold and fun prints, and unique combinations!
HOW DO YOU BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN WORK AND PLAY AND HOW DO YOU INFUSE PLAYFULNESS IN YOUR PASSIONS? I try to have a lifestyle aspect to my blog which allows me to bring a little more fun into it. I love trying new restaurants, exploring different neighborhoods in our city, and spending as much time outside as possible!
WHAT IS ONE QUESTION YOU WISH PEOPLE ASKED YOU MORE OFTEN? What my favorite dessert is! I cook a lot of sweets and while I try to remain impartial I am extremely obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. I would eat them anytime anywhere. As long as they’re homemade. I crave them more than anything else for some reason!

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like what you see? link up with mara by checking out her site here:

cool series & cool blogger !


New outfit post on featuring Bandolier!

this is what a perfect woman looks like y’all, fyi


Taking a walk in the woods wearing my @abercrombie jeans which I love so much ❀️ #myfavoritejeans | see the full post now on

These colors! <3