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Owl Print Cardigan

This open cardigan is made of soft and stretchy knit fabric. Currently on sale for just $17.50 at Amazon!

Affordable Shopping: DAMSEL

Here’s another affordable fashion site to throw on your radar: DAMSEL.

Started by two sisters, Anna and Hanna (even they say their parents were lazy), in March of this year with the intention of bring their cool, modern style to the public for prices that are so beyond accessible, it’s kind of insane. Affordable Fashion

DAMSEL is delivering ultra-wearable, not-too-trendy styles for women from teenage to grown-ass.…

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Bienvenue! …to My World of Affordability.


As a shopping addict on a budget, I’ve learned to appreciate the thrill of the bargain buy. I’d like to share my shopping strategies and fashion sense with the internet…and this is my gateway.


I’m in love.

Can you believe these are Unionbay? I’ve never heard of them making shoes, but considering these are under $40, I’m prepared to get used to the idea. 

We’re giving away a $100 voucher to ultra-hot, streetwear sale site, PLNDR! The contest is only open for a week… get there & enter! 

Giveaway: Are You A PLNDR Girl (or Boy)? | Broke & Beautiful

“Taking a high-fashion approach to lower-priced clothing is the mentality Lanvin took to collaborate for H&M. Women are powerful; their strength is internal. They need a wardrobe that lets them be themselves instead of what a designer thinks they should be… Fashion is instinctive and sensual. Learn to love what you wear. It should feel like eating chocolates… without the calories. Fashion isn’t an intellectual exercise , its about creating something desirable.” - Alber Elbaz
— 出典:(via richesforrags)

Versace for H&M

Scarf £24.99

Silk Dress- £79.99

Leather Jacket £149.99

Leggings- £24.99

Suede Boots- £79.99

Necklace- £29.99

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