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WHAT. This is amazing. 

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Is that washi tape over a pair of antlers? 

I love the design ideas I come across during these photoshoots for creative tech businesses!

Washi tape… antlers… what? Awesome.

DIY Sun Chair ($20 with spare wood parts & nails!)

DIY Furry sandals.

….but why?

Super Quick Necklace Upgrade (DIY!)

If you’ve ever seen my hair, you know that there is a lot of it. It is super long, it’s super thick, and super curly like whoa.

90% of the time, this is what I look like:

Hair up in a top knot, glasses on, no fun ever. 

I know, I know… “Why have long hair if you’re never going to wear it down?" Well, a) I think top knots are the best thing since liquid eyeliner and b) shut up, okay?! Jeez!

There are some pretty great things about wearing your hair up all the time, if I do say so, myself.

1. It keeps your neck cool.
2. It prevents many hair-meets-lipgloss situations.
3. "Pull your back so we can see your pretty face!"
4. Jewelry stands out, like, a lot.

Think about it - when a woman has her hair up and happens to be wearing a necklace or earrings, you’re mote likely to notice! Replace “necklace” with “statement necklace” and you’ve got an exponentially eye-catching combo.

Showing off your jewelry from the front is always cool, but what about the back? You’ve got other good assets back there, why not add another?

This is a super-simple DIY that can make any jewelry that much more visually interesting - from every angle!

All you’ll need is this super adorable swallow toggle clasp from Fallen Angel Brass, a necklace or bracelet that could use an upgrade, two pairs of  pliers (needle nose is excellent!), and about 3 minutes!

1. Once you have the clasp, grab your necklace and your pliers and make sure you’re working on a flat, tidy surface! Sure, it sounds like a dumb instruction until you remove one (or more) of those little rings and watch them roll off the table onto shag carpeting! (Just trust me on this one, okay?)

2. Take your pliers and carefully grab hold of one of the rings that came with the swallow toggle clasp. Place the clasping tip of each plier on either side of the break in the ring (aka where the ring is split - if your ring is not split, you won’t be able to do this without some extra supplies!).

3. Slip one end of the ring through the last link on your necklace, followed by the loop on the tail-side of the swallow toggle clasp.

4. Replace the pliers onto the open ring and reverse your earlier movement to close the ring. Repeat for the large clasp ring, on the other side of the necklace!

5. Repeat the ring-opening process and attach the gem to the beak-side of the swallow and you’re done!

I have been finding amazing DIYs everywhere this week, but mostly gaining inspiration from my Cheap DIY Pinterest Board, honestly. Pinterest is like the strip club of DIY projects. Here’s what we found this week:

Post your favorite DIYs from the week in the comments!

It should be obvious to anyone that no one loves a DIY opportunity more than a cheap-ass blogger.

I’m a control freak, and am naturally bent on a sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle - not to mention unbelievably cheap! - so DIY projects are my bread & butter, essentially.

…Or so you’d think. I’m not a shabby chic girl… I don’t think homemade yarn potholders are cute and I don’t have bangs, okay? At least 80% of all DIY projects are kitschy, cutesy, the-obvious-homemadeness-is-part-of-the-charm, charming things. They have their place, sure, but unfortunately that place is not my house. It’s taken me a long time to develop the patience and mind for surfing DIY projects. Usually the system goes like this:

1. Find something that says “DIY!” and hear whatever the opposite of cash register sounds in my head.
2. Click over to said DIY to see a kind of shabby, cute object with that rough-around-the-edges charm.
3. Think about my house. Think about what I want my house to look like. Look at object. Shake head and make strange face.
4. Have a sad and close the browser. Give up hope forever.

Sad story.

…But with age comes wisdom, and being that my birthday was last Friday, I am more wise than I was when I last jumped the ol’ DIY train, and it’s time for another shot. I have been honing my patience & perseverance in order to take on a great responsibility. I want to be able to share my awesome finds with you (NATCH), so please allow me to post all of my favorite DIYs. Thanks.

But moreover, is anyone else feeling me on this? Or am I the only party pooper who doesn’t like the Smalltown Girl Frozen In Time look on everything?

Also: Please post your favorite DIYs! I want to see the ones that really blew you[r socks off]!

Link Love Party

How cool is this, seriously?!

Ashe Mischief lists 9 Movies That Will Make You Believe In Magic, Beauty & Love!

Check out this awesome DIY Watercolor Business Card tutorial!

Here’s another great studded/riveted bracelet DIY! I see these things everywhere for $20 - sometimes more! They’re so inexpensive to make… DIY it!

If you know me, personally, you know I’m a freak about my top knots. A Beautiful Mess has a super cute, fancy top knot tutorial, but honestly I think the point of a top knot is that you don’t have to be fancy about it!

The Bloggess receives a box of cross-dressing LEGO parts?

I don’t understand how anyone could be anti-jeggings.

Leave your links here!

Recreate this look a bit with some saltwater spritzed on dry hair & scrunched a bit! 


Holiday gift idea for the DIY fashion maven: From the super-iconic London textile company (and department store) comes this inspirational sewing book filled with gorgeous prints and classic silhouettes—just right for the crafty fashionista in your life. The Liberty Book of Home Sewing, $27.50,


DIY Collar Necklace 

I made this cute collar necklace in about 40 minutes and it only cost me about $6. You can jazz up an old black tee with it, or pair it with a boring sweater for some sparkle!

How to and what you will need:

  • A piece of felt. You can use any color (I chose black)
  • Sequins, beads, studs, pearls, lace or anything you want to decorate with
  • Ribbon for tying it
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paper and marker  
  1. Make a template with a piece of paper: draw one half of the collar on the paper and cut it out. It should look like a comma. Place it on the felt and trace with a felt marker, then flip the template over so it looks like a complete collar and trace that half too.
  2. Cut out the collar. Don’t cut them separately, make sure the two halves are connected when you cut so you don’t end up with two pieces.
  3. With a hot glue gun glue on whatever you want to decorate with. If using sequins, try to overlap them so as not to leave any spaces. Its easiest to put the glue on the felt in patches then put many on at one time.
  4. Cut two pieces of ribbon of equal length. Flip the collar over and glue them where the collar ends. Make sure they are long enough to tie.

Voila! You have a cute versatile collar necklace!

This is amazing!