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It should be obvious to anyone that no one loves a DIY opportunity more than a cheap-ass blogger.

I’m a control freak, and am naturally bent on a sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle - not to mention unbelievably cheap! - so DIY projects are my bread & butter, essentially.

…Or so you’d think. I’m not a shabby chic girl… I don’t think homemade yarn potholders are cute and I don’t have bangs, okay? At least 80% of all DIY projects are kitschy, cutesy, the-obvious-homemadeness-is-part-of-the-charm, charming things. They have their place, sure, but unfortunately that place is not my house. It’s taken me a long time to develop the patience and mind for surfing DIY projects. Usually the system goes like this:

1. Find something that says “DIY!” and hear whatever the opposite of cash register sounds in my head.
2. Click over to said DIY to see a kind of shabby, cute object with that rough-around-the-edges charm.
3. Think about my house. Think about what I want my house to look like. Look at object. Shake head and make strange face.
4. Have a sad and close the browser. Give up hope forever.

Sad story.

…But with age comes wisdom, and being that my birthday was last Friday, I am more wise than I was when I last jumped the ol’ DIY train, and it’s time for another shot. I have been honing my patience & perseverance in order to take on a great responsibility. I want to be able to share my awesome finds with you (NATCH), so please allow me to post all of my favorite DIYs. Thanks.

But moreover, is anyone else feeling me on this? Or am I the only party pooper who doesn’t like the Smalltown Girl Frozen In Time look on everything?

Also: Please post your favorite DIYs! I want to see the ones that really blew you[r socks off]!