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well, you found me
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Detail from Untitled, 2012

One of yesterday’s photos from @clearyphoto! #awkward #notaselfie @bombsheller #brokeandbeautiful


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Love this shot of Mrs. Mia Wallace. Found it while wiring about the #PulpFiction x @urbandecaycosmetics line! See it on B&B:

woke up this morning with an intense need to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians

what is happening to me

ugh she’s so beautiful

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How does he do it

there’s still hope for us

chris pratt got put through the ryan reynolds machine



The most common tip for a small and dark room is to go for the white look. White makes a room look bigger and it feels clean and light.

But, in a room where there’s not a lot of light coming in, white can look a bit bland. So unless it is executed perfectly, a light colour is maybe a safer solution (if you want to go for the light look). But you can also go bold and choose a very bright popping colour that will make the room look warm but not cramped/small (or of course a combination as pictured above, white base but furniture in popping colours).

Another tip: Don’t put too much furniture in a small room it will make it look even smaller and more cluttered. Pay close attention to good lightning in a dark room. Also you can use mirrors that will reflect the light that is coming in to the room. Also mirrors will make a room look bigger!

from my little anxiety-conquering shoot yesterday with clearyofarrellphotography :3