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#tbt to my first apartment in Chicago which was 120 years old that literally bordered the red line station in crimefully charming Uptown/Edgewater. There were exposed bricks in every room and had 3 locked doors with two different keys at the entrance. The guy upstairs loved to blast Tori Amos and left Queer Eye For The Straight Guy on the DVD load screen every night while he slept. A girl who wore all black and had a door decorated for Halloween 24/7/365 lived across the hall and constantly jingled when she walked. I had a window facing a brick wall. At least it had cool spooky stairwells.

Fandom Flaunting Opportunity: Caseable

Fandom Flaunting Opportunity: Tom Waits on my Caseable iPhone Case #rockthecase

If we remember the internet for one thing, it will probably be fandoms. Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest – even just Google Image search allows us to obsessively drool over whatever delectable mind-morsel we last thought about, or the last TV show we marathoned, or the last pair of shoes we saw on Lupita Nyong’O. It’s immediate satiation in its purest form. It’s black tar instant gratification, and…

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10 new Asylum Street Spankers albums on Spotify? For meeeeeee? You shouldn’t have.

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My girl Kelly Oxford perfectly styling the Chainmaille Bib. Get yours now -


Easy bake coven #lydiadeetz #wednesdayaddams #nancydowns #beetlejuice #addamsfamily #thecraft #witch #gothgirl #horror #coven

why i love jayne mansfield reason #1298375


Jayne Mansfield playing the violin [x] & piano [x] on The Ed Sullivan Show (1957)

Before playing the piano, Jayne joked about others’ preconceived notions of her saying, “My playing the violin and now the piano may remind you a famous story about Dr. Samuel Johnson. Once when he saw a little puppy walking on its hind legs, he said ‘It’s not that you expect him to do it perfectly, it’s just that you’re surprised the puppy does it at all,’ which just goes to prove that I not only play the violin and the piano, but I also know who Dr. Samuel Johnson is.”

"She played the violin, she read Shakespeare. She was not the village idiot. As a matter of fact, she made village idiots out of those who supposed such.” –Ray Strait on Jayne Mansfield

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Jayne Mansfield and the Ray Anthony Orchestra in The Girl Can’t Help It (1956)


Bette Davis and Mary Astor in The Great Lie  (Edmund Goulding, 1941). 


Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature

#Tunesday: SIREN’s First Single, “I Think I Like You”

#Tunesday: SIREN’s First Single, “I Think I Like You”

Since 2014 seems to be the Year of Contemporary Pop Music Appreciation for me, I’m just going to roll with it. That means that I definitely allowed myself to rock out and sing along to “I Think I Like You,” the first single from Kat Ostenberg and Skylar Stonestreet, the duo behind new pop group, SIREN.

SIREN's featured single, I Think I Like You

There have been no fewer than one billion comparisons to female pop group Tegan and Sara, many…

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Just an ordinary Monday, saving injured squirrels with @clearyphoto (at PAWS - Progressive Animal Welfare Society)

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How many of you would know what to do if someone near you had a seizure? I wouldn’t have, before I read this post.

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC home looks like, now is your chance.

See spooky-awesome photographs of America’s abandoned malls.

This hilarious and deviant boyfriend made a compilation of Vine videos he posted of him scaring his girlfriend.…

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The Cat and the Fox

This curious pair was spotted playing by fishermen on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey. Not much is known beyond the fact that they’re very cute and very playful.

Photos via Imgur