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How many of you would know what to do if someone near you had a seizure? I wouldn’t have, before I read this post.

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC home looks like, now is your chance.

See spooky-awesome photographs of America’s abandoned malls.

This hilarious and deviant boyfriend made a compilation of Vine videos he posted of him scaring his girlfriend.…

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The Cat and the Fox

This curious pair was spotted playing by fishermen on the shore of Lake Van in Turkey. Not much is known beyond the fact that they’re very cute and very playful.

Photos via Imgur

Daily Deal: Planet Gold Drawstring Sweatshirt

Daily Deal: Planet Gold Drawstring Sweatshirt

A good sweatshirt is a rare encounter these days, especially given that 99% of sweatshirts tend to be one of two styles: long sleeves with hood or long sleeves without hood.

Also, the fabrics typically used in sweatshirt creation are pretty one-note and predictable. Oh, solid colors? What a surprise! About as spontaneous as a wall calendar.

Daily Deal: Planet Gold Drawstring Sweatshirt

Thank the gracious Gods of Macy’s for this cowlneck…

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Loving my spring weather! Playing in my new 2014 staples from @zappos! #ootd #fashionblogger #springtime

I’m Wearing: My 2014 Casual Staples

I’m Wearing: Hidden Comforts with @Zappos #ootd

I’ve always shopped with my heart on my sleeve. I will happily give my heart to any piece that gives me goosebumps or makes me feel like a million marshmallows (read: comfortable and delicious). Shopping for “outfits” is something I only did when I needed to be somewhere outside of my comfort zone (corporate job interview?!), and thus bought entirely new clothes.

Have you ever seen those features…

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Daily Deal: Painted Gold Chain Necklace

Daily Deal: Painted Gold Chain Necklace

Now, this is something I haven’t seen before: dipped gold chain. It’s long and it’s neutral – two things that go very well with the word “chain.”

Daily Deal: Paint Dipped Gold Chain

I say that because I have a bright gold chain that isn’t this long, it’s more of a choker, and the bright’n’shiny-ness of it is almost more of a statement than I want to make. Making 75% of it glossy, rubbery black chain, instead, would be a great way…

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Thrift Shop On the Web: thredUP

Thrift Shop On the Web: thredUP

Clothes are a lot like cars in the sense that, when you buy a new one and drive it off the lot, the value drops instantly.

A piece of clothing can have the tags on and be completely unworn, but if it isn’t being bought from the store, the potential price of that item drops with every day that ticks by. This is what makes buying secondhand so smart.

The problem? A lot of thrift and secondhand…

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Daily Deal: Lush Color Block Romper

Daily Deal: Lush Color Block Romper

Maybe it’s the influx of Coachella fashion emails and posts, but I find myself attracted to rompers lately. A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that it’s basically Summer Pajamas – aka a onesie with all the too-warm parts cut off and that isn’t any easier to pee in.

Pee in, pee while wearing. Whatever.

I’ve never owned a romper, nor have I ever found one that looked comfortable enough to…

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If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls - Video



Heck-Andrews House|Raleigh, North Carolina|2014|Taken by me

James Dean photographed by Frank Worth, on the set of Giant, 1955.

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Balmain f/w 2014

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my life summed up in three gifs

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