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well, you found me
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My second favorite episode of Roseanne followed by my favorite episode!? What good have I done to deserve these gifts

"Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home"

Taurus rarely cries


But when they do, it’s epic. An avalanche of buried and ignored emotions comes pouring out, to the point where Taurus themself is overwhelmed. It usually starts by something unrelated, something trivial… then, like the straw that broke the camel’s back, Taurus breaks down to let it ALL out.

FALSE i am crying constantly

stoned and explaining how beyonce’s fake baby pillow pregnancy plays into world economics

it’s my friday, ok

I swear we weren’t trying to grow huge food #organic #garden #carrotzilla

Look at the size of this friggin’ beet!

Happy food #garden #organic #brokelife