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I installed it without directions…

I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard

oh my god same

put coloured bulbs in the lights and you’ve got your own little disco light set up

A shining example of my #restingbitchface as well as evidence of my newfound appreciation for #brow products. My latest #beauty review is on B&B! | @ultabeauty

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty: Week 3 (Final Week!) & Anastasia Brows Review

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty: Week 3 (Final Week!) & Anastasia Brows Review

It’s been a savings-filled and wildly indulgent three weeks for loyal Ulta shoppers. The annual 21 Days of Beauty event has been offering up cult favorite beauty products at around 50% off, and this last week will round out your makeup bag nicely.

As a finale, Ulta is cutting the prices of brands like Laura Geller, Smashbox, Stila, Tarte & Philosophy.

Also included in this week’s roundup: Anastas…

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Review: Tuft & Needle, Affordable Ethical Mattresses

Review: Tuft & Needle, Affordable Ethical Mattresses | @tuftandneedle

Everyone needs a mattress – box springs might be negotiable, and I once dated a man who elected to sleep on the floor and insisted it was better for his back (he also didn’t wear shoes – on principle. Bless you, Elliot!). I asked one of my best friends, Zoe Hayden, to gush about her new, affordable mattress by Tuft & Needle, a Made-in-USA, ethical and budget-friendly mattress company. I’ve wanted…

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rodrigo prieto ft. elle fanning.


Black is a color. #DressNormal

waits for every designer on tumblr to boycott gap


They Are Wearing: MFW

Photo by Kuba Dabrowski

new to the list of Things That Bother Me Visually: that hat

Living with guys means that you get out of the shower and hang out for hours and no one tells you that your face looks like this


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace



I hate that there are still people that would call me a slut for posting this photo. im proud of my body, and I dont believe showing it defines me as a person.
So if you have a issue with it, then thats your problem not mine :)


Gorgeously seasoned handmade potato chips 💚💙 (at Stoneburner)

How To Wear Crop Tops in Fall & Winter

Budget Shopping: How To Wear Crop Tops in Fall & Winter

Approaching autumn & winter, I have almost no concerns other than it won’t get here fast enough. I’m already ramping up my fall inspiration on Tumblr and just got my first pair of “it’s gonna be cold” boots last week.

…But I did say almost. With the rise of crop topslast year and the fact that they finally caught my interest this year, am I supposed to just hide them deep in my closet until next…

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